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Love is a living thing.

And like every living thing, it has a begin­ning and an end. And every end offers the pro­mise of ano­ther new begin­ning... To sim­plify things, let's call this cycle "a modern relationship".

On average, the modern rela­ti­onship con­sists of 13 stages...

At what stage are YOU??

Find it out now: 

Down­load* the famous short film comedy about modern relationships!

Based on this short film we are going to deve­lop '13 stages' to a true com­mu­nity movie, a study about Modern Rela­ti­onships - a por­trait of love in the 21. century.

Join the com­mu­nity at 13-stages.com

... and get news and expert tips, write your diary entry, vote on polls, dis­cuss 'modern relationships'...

(*Watch this file on your note­book, home cinema, etc... You are not allo­wed to share this file.)

File pro­per­ties: german audio, eng­lish sub­tit­les, mp4 (H.264),1280x720, AAC 48kHz 320kbps, 25p.

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