Social Spot

A very interesting combination of opposites, marketing psychology and social cause: the Social Spot. Made to convince of good causes or to spotlight important subjects. Watch some of our examples:

The Alc-Effect

A series of micro-movies (6 x 30sec) for an alco­hol pre­ven­tion project.

The epi­so­des have a run­time of a few seconds each and show the same dialog bet­ween two guests of a party. One of them is get­ting more and more drunk in each episode.

These epi­so­des were shown to kids who had to guess the actual grade (stage) of the influence of alcohol.

This is a per­fect exam­ple of our 'Stages Struc­ture'!

Client: KARUNA e.V., Berlin

beau­tiful but dead

This social spot was part of a german anti-aids-campaign. It says 'aids kills EVERYBODY!' (no matter how rich or beau­tiful you are)... It was broad­cas­ted for seve­ral months across Ger­many by most of the TV-stations.

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