Hello World! We are soda.film - a film pro­duc­tion com­pany and social entre­pre­neurs from Berlin, Germany.

Enjoy our showreel:

This is an over­view of our work. For more details check the soda.films! Or learn more about soda.film.


We from soda.film make films about people, social issues or pro­jects with social impact. As 'Social Enter­prise' we don't focus on mone­tary profit (but are allo­wed to make some).


We love the inter­net and inno­va­tive for­mats as much as clas­sic cinema. So we aim for a fusionbet­ween(see­ming)oppo­si­tes: web and cinema, art and com­merce, emo­tion and reason...


We like and prac­tice crowd­fun­ding / -sourcing because it demo­cra­ti­zes Art and Cul­ture and depri­ves the clas­si­cal 'gate­kee­pers' of their evil powers . We give our audi­ence a voice! :P


We deve­lop and pro­duce films and tell sto­ries in various for­mats and com­bine dif­fe­rent arts of sto­rytel­ling (=trans­me­dia) to build 'Bridges bet­ween worlds'.

The result is spar­k­ling. soda.film is gonna fres­hen you up! ;)

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