We love classical cinema and would really like to produce classical movies... but we are simply not classical enough NOT to look forward and combine cinema with innovative concepts and social projects. Long live the 21. century! :P

Life unleas­hed!

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Ima­gine how life could be...

... a life where we could work for a better world, for hap­pi­ness, for fun - not only for paying the rent. A life where we would help others without thin­king about money, where we would use our crea­ti­vity to help impro­ving our society - not only to find ways to sur­vive. A life free of exis­ten­tial angst, mal­nut­ri­tion, homel­ess­ness... and full of joy, fri­end­li­ness, pas­sion, light... a life living its full poten­tial: a LIFE UNLEASHED!

The goal of the pro­ject:

... to pro­mote the idea of a Basic Income with help from the com­mu­nity, from YOU! Toge­ther, we create strong visi­ons of a better world - of a life with a Basic Income. We pro­duce a series of short films inspi­red by the most popu­lar user crea­ted visi­ons to:

help the Basic Income become true!

(Learn more about that...)

7 stages

A social film pro­ject for homeless kids and other sur­vi­va­lists...

A short movie shot with street kids working behind the camera + a work­shops pro­gram to pre­pare them + a docu web series about the pro­duc­tion and the work­shops + comic book.

more info (in german only, sorry): www.7-stufen.org

https://7-stufen.org [image: soda.film berlin]

13 stages

13 stages
13 stages - diary of a modern rela­ti­ons­hip (View on flickr)

Love is a living thing.

And like every living thing, it has a begin­ning and an end. And every end offers the pro­mise of ano­t­her new begin­ning... To sim­plify things, let's call this cycle "a modern rela­ti­ons­hip".

On average, the modern rela­ti­ons­hip con­sists of 13 stages:

'13 stages' - Pt. 1

... a nice 27 minute short film before. It was suc­cess­fully broad­cas­ted in 5 euro­pean coun­tries, sold on DVD in the stre­ets of berlin, has won several awards and was partly funded via crowd­fun­ding.

Buy the movie (DVD or down­load) HERE!

'13 stages' - Pt. 2

... a fea­ture film about the 13 stages of 'Modern Rela­ti­ons­hips'. We deve­lop the script based on a 'com­mu­nity diary' where our fans con­tri­bute their own love sto­ries, help each other with useful tips and sup­porting com­ments, and vote the most inte­res­ting or most heart tou­ching sto­ries... The hig­hest voted sto­ries we are going to shoot with real actors and the most suc­cess­ful videos will make it into the final screen­play. In the end, '13 stages' will be a true com­mu­nity movie, a study about Modern Rela­ti­ons­hips - a por­trait of love in the 21. cen­tury.

Join the com­mu­nity at 13-stages.com

... and get news and expert tips, write your diary entry, vote on polls, dis­cuss 'modern rela­ti­ons­hips'...