An overview of our projects...


We love classical cinema and would really like to produce classical movies... but we are simply not classical enough NOT to look forward and combine cinema with innovative concepts and social projects. Long live the 21. century! :P

Social Spot

A very interesting combination of opposites, marketing psychology and social cause: the Social Spot. Made to convince of good causes or to spotlight important subjects. Watch some of our examples:

Music Video

We shoot music videos for young talents OR songs with social impact OR in the context of a social project. And because we exactly know about the financial situation of most young talents we often shoot for VERY low budgets... in some cases even for free... if we find a sponsor. Watch our music videos:


We focus on telling stories about humans. So we shoot documentaries about humans only, or groups of humans like bands or communities. Not about places, products, animals,...

Web Series

We call ANY project or story we devide into several parts or stages to optimize it for distribution via the internet 'web series'. We don't just split stories apart, we use a very special dramaturgy to leave the whole thing intact AND tell it in web-friendly (short) episodes. See our 'Stages Structure' ('about' page) for more infos about that.