Hello World! We are soda.film - a film production company and social entrepreneurs from Berlin, Germany.

Enjoy our showreel:

This is an overview of our work. For more details check the soda.films! Or learn more about soda.film.


We from soda.film make films about people, social issues or projects with social impact. As 'Social Enterprise' we don't focus on monetary profit (but are allowed to make some).


We love the internet and innovative formats as much as classic cinema. So we aim for a fusion between (seeming) opposites: web and cinema, art and commerce, emotion and reason...


We like and practice crowdfunding / -sourcing because it democratizes Art and Culture and deprives the classical 'gatekeepers' of their evil powers . We give our audience a voice! :P


We develop and produce films and tell stories in various formats and combine different arts of storytelling (=transmedia) to build 'Bridges between worlds'.

The result is sparkling. soda.film is gonna freshen you up! ;)

Current Projects

life unleashed - banner 960

Imagine how life could be

… a life where we could work for a better world, for happiness, for fun – not only for paying the rent. A life where we would help others without thinking about money, where we would use our creativity to help improving our society – not only to find ways to survive. A life free of existential angst, malnutrition, homelessness… and full of joy, friendliness, passion, light… a life living its full potential - a:


a community film project about the Basic Income and its impact on LIFE! (A basic what?? Find answers here!)