13 stages

13 stages
13 stages - diary of a modern rela­ti­ons­hip (View on flickr)

Love is a living thing.

And like every living thing, it has a begin­ning and an end. And every end offers the pro­mise of ano­t­her new begin­ning... To sim­plify things, let's call this cycle "a modern relationship".

On average, the modern rela­ti­ons­hip con­sists of 13 stages:

'13 stages' - Pt. 1

... a nice 27 minute short film before. It was suc­cess­fully broad­cas­ted in 5 euro­pean coun­tries, sold on DVD in the streets of berlin, has won several awards and was partly funded via crowd­fun­ding.

Buy the movie (DVD or down­load)HERE!

'13 stages' - Pt. 2

... a fea­ture film about the 13 stages of 'Modern Rela­ti­ons­hips'. We deve­lop the script based on a 'com­mu­nity diary' where our fans con­tri­bute their own love sto­ries, help each other with useful tips and sup­por­ting comments, and vote the most inte­res­ting or most heart tou­ch­ing sto­ries... The hig­hest voted sto­ries we are going to shoot with real actors and the most suc­cess­ful videos will make it into the final screen­play. In the end, '13 stages' will be a true com­mu­nity movie, a study about Modern Rela­ti­ons­hips - a por­trait of love in the 21. century.

Join the com­mu­nity at 13-stages.com

... and get news and expert tips, write your diary entry, vote on polls, dis­cuss 'modern relationships'...

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