Heart of Berlin

A doc-fiction-hybrid web series.

East Berlin (High res)
East Berlin (High res) by Øyvind Veberg (View on flickr)

Alex­an­dra visits Berlin as part of her world trip. She has been in all the huge cities around the world and found out that

Every metro­po­lis has a HEART.

That ONE cer­tain place (dis­trict, square, park, hill...) in each big city which the most people asked (inh­a­bi­tants and visi­tors) would intui­tively call the 'HEART' of that city. Not the geo­gra­phi­cal or geo­me­tri­cal or eco­no­mi­cal center, not a main trans­port hub, or his­to­ric city hall... 'HEART' much more in the sense of 'origin of emo­ti­ons' ins­tead of 'blood pump'.

So she comes to Berlin and askes the people what she has asked in many cities before:

'What is the Heart of Berlin?'

But the people respond very dif­fer­ently than in other cities. They point out totally dif­fe­rent places, some people name more than one and some people simply can't answer the ques­tion! Berlin seems spe­cial! Are there really more than one heart in the city? Or doesn't Berlin have a heart at all??

Berlin doesn't have ONE HEART!?

To get to the bottom of this ques­tion she deci­des to stay in Berlin, live and work here, ask every one she meets, become part of the city... until she finds an answer. She visits all the the wild, crazy, won­der­ful places - meets all the com­mu­nities - cul­tu­ral events... and soon dis­co­vers her own talents, hopes, dreams... much more than she'd ever expec­ted from one single stage of her world trip!
She rea­li­zes that her quest for the Heart of Berlin may actually become an expe­di­tion to the hidden places inside herself.

This is the begin­ning of her

Diary of a
never-ending Berlin trip

What do you think? What's the HEART of Berlin in your opi­nion? Please leave a com­ment below! Thanks! :)

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