Crowdsourcing is the act of sourcing tasks to a group of people or community (crowd). This enables us to directly communicate with our audience BEFORE the project starts or gets finished! For soda.film that means: WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE! :) (Learn more about: 'crowdsourcing'.)

The heart of YOUR metro­po­lis...?


For our next film pro­ject we need your help! We are loo­king for that cer­tain place (dis­trict, square, park, hill...) in each of the big metro­po­li­ses which the most people (inh­a­bi­tants or visi­tors) con­si­der to be the 'HEART' of that city. Not the geo­gra­phi­cal or geo­me­tri­cal or eco­no­mi­cal center, not a main trans­port hub, or his­to­ric city hall... simply the 'HEART'. So...

Would you please answer us this one ques­tion: